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24 Things You Can Do With Social Media to Help Get Into College

Put Your Best Self Forward Online

Colleges have now embraced social media as an important tool in the admissions process. In addition to ramping up their online presence with very interactive official websites, and devoting a significant amount of time and effort on their social media activity, admissions offices are increasingly using social media to assess their applicants. 24 Things You Can Do With Social Media to Help Get Into College discusses ways students can use social media to explore, attract and connect with colleges. The book offers “24 things” students can do to create an online presence that allows schools to see a student’s strengths and attributes, and also ways students can connect with schools to express their interest.

When the news broke recently that colleges were beginning to utilize social media sites, like Facebook, to uncover unsavory information about candidates, fear and dread gave way to panic among college applicants and their parents. Families know that they must act. But are unclear what this new trend means and exactly what to do about it. 24 Things You Can Do With Social Media to Help Get Into College gives them the tools, resources and instructions to turn a potentially negative outcome, like getting turned down by your college of choice because of your social media content, into an optimal one  by creating a social media presence that enhances your chances for college acceptance.

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