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Every Facebook Page Can Use a Periodic Scrub!

Every Facebook Page Can Use a Periodic Scrub!

The tricky part of maintaining a Facebook presence is you really are not completely in control of what appears on your Facebook page.  You may be tagged in a picture or your name added to a status that you would not have chosen for yourself. But there it is, sitting there waiting for your discovery…and whoever else is looking. The uncertainty of what content might appear at any given time ought to concern anyone who is at all concerned about their reputations and how they represent online.

This is especially true for those of us who are in the middle of a school application process, or a job search. After you’ve gone through the trouble of purging all of your questionable pictures and posts, you really still can’t rest in peace. The Internet has a long memory and social media moves so fast that content can get buried deep enough to hide, but not so deep as to not be found.

But alas, now there is an app to address this very concern. FashWash is’s “App of the Week” because, I suspect, it’s use can mean the difference between an accpectance letter and a rejection. Facebook has been around long enough for some of us to have grown up using the social media site. And so we can never really be sure that some of our former folly won’t catch up with us. Participating is a little Facebook clean-up with FaceWash might be right on time. The app is free and this is how it works: once you go to and sign-up (which, the developers claim, is easy to do at  ), all you do is press “Start.” The app will search through comments on your timeline and tags on your photos. It will also search through all of the links you have liked and status updates you have posted. When (well and if) the app finds potentially damaging (as in damaging to your reputation) text, it will provide a link to the post with the questionable word or words highlighted. It’s as simple as that.

The app search is currently text only. So the only way it can raise the red flag on questionable images is if there are comments or descriptions associated with the image that reflect potential inappropriateness.

I can’t think of anyone on Facebook who cannot benefit from a little periodic FaceWashing. And if you are at all involved in a process of assessment- school applications, job search, scholarship or internship competitions, etc., you ought to put this app on your  list of to dos!

For more information, go HERE.

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