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24 Things You Can Do With Social Media to Help Get Into College

Put Your Best Self Forward Online

A recent survey confirms what we already knew– that growing numbers of scholarship providers use the web and social media to evaluate applicants. Fastweb, the scholarhsip search site, and the National Scholarship Providers Association (NSPA) conducted a survey of the NSPA members to get a grasp on how much scholarship providers utilize the Internet in the application process. The surveyors found that among NSPA’s 300 plus members, who represent a collective 1 billion dollars of scholarhsip awards yearly:

1/4 said they use Internet destinations, such as Google, Facebook,  LinkedIn, You Tube  and Twitter, to evaluate students.

Most of the survey respondents looked only at the online presence of finalists, due to imitations of resources and time.

3/4 of those surveyed said they were looking for “red flags,” with the primary concern being whether the applicant might reflect badly on the scholarship sponsor. They looked for signs of good judgment; provocative or inappropriate photos or remarks; illegal activity such as underage drinking or illegal drug use; and insensitive or discriminatory remarks. They even looked for signs of a “bad attitude.”

Over 1/2 of the scholarship givers said they looked online to get to know the applicant better– to look for creativity or other positive personality traits, or to evaluate real life communication skills.

1/4 of the respondants said they went online to resolve conflicting information, such as untruths about stated qualifications.

1/3 said they have denied admissions based what they’ve found online.

These finding are important for applicants to consider while they invest time and effort to put their best selves forward in their applications. Now scholarship contests require more than just sending in a prinstine application. Once you’ve perfected your application, you must then go online and clean up your online spaces.

Is your information consistent with the info on your app?

Do you have photos, content (statuses and comments) that reflect badly on your judgment and character?

Have you loaded up your social media with all of your accomplishments and interests?

Does your online presence reflect the real you? Your BEST you?

These are now important questions to answer. And then to fix!

If you want to work on your online presence, I’ve three options for you:

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