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24 Things You Can Do With Social Media to Help Get Into College

Put Your Best Self Forward Online

Milwaukee School of Engineering (MSOE) leads the college admissions industry with its innovative social media platform.  The university has just launched Bridge, a “dynamic social media community through a partnership with 7Summits. The new online community brings together admissions counselors, prospective students and parents, allowing them to interact and learn.

Lots of colleges have incorporated interactive components into their websites and have steadily increased their social media presence. But this Bridge platform is unique in that students can create accounts and friend each other and admissions counselors, allowing interaction and access to admissions personnel in a much broader ways.

Is this the future of college admissions? We already know that colleges are interested in meeting students where they are, and this is overwhelmingly on social media. MSOE’s Bridge drew 1500 new prospective students in the first month. They’ve stepped up the college admissions game and it’s likely more colleges will follow. Check-out the Bridge platform HERE.

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