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24 Things You Can Do With Social Media to Help Get Into College

Put Your Best Self Forward Online


Connect with colleges in real-time at a virtual college fair

CollegeWeekLive boasts the biggest virtual college EVER –scheduled next week, November 2nd and 3rd. The virtual college fair is an extremely efficient way to explore colleges’offerings and connect with colleges that interest you. Colleges and universities are most interested in finding stellar students, yes. But they are also extremely invested in connecting with the students that are sincerely interested in going to their school. In other words, colleges want to spend their recruiting time on students who, if admitted, are likely to come.

So connecting with schools to express your interest is an important part of the college admissions process. The online virtual college fair is a great way to do this. And CollegeWeekLive offers one of the best, most comprehensive fairs on the Internet.

The event will include:

  • Keynote speakers who will discuss such topics as admissions, financial aid, how to improve SAT and ACT scores, and how to be successful in college.
  • Student chats in real-time with college students and personnel to answer questions
  • School videos

And best of all—

  • Over 300 colleges and universities in live online booths available to connect with you. Access to 300 schools in one place is a big deal!

You’ll save research time and travel costs. You’ll gets steps ahead in your college research.

You can see schedules and register  HERE!

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