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Is This iDuo Necessary for College?

I have two kids starting college this year and we are trying to sort out which electronic devices are necessary for their schooling and which are luxuries.  I want them to have what they need to be successful, but I’d also like to be smart with my money. Plus, I don’t want to load them up with gadgets that they will not likely use and will take up their precious little dorm space.

The folks at offer a Back-to-School Tech Guide that I am finding mighty helpful. Below are some highlights from the Guide ( I have heeded more than one of these suggestions already  and saved some money). But if you need a full pro-and -con discussion about what electronics your student needs, check out the entire guide!

See the entire guide here:

Highlights from Retrevo’s 2011 Back To School Guide:

– Most Students Don’t Need a Smartphone! – While smartphones are nice to have, budget-savvy students can get by just fine with a good laptop and a regular feature phone. If you really need apps, try an 8GB iPod Touch for just $299 and no monthly fees. We’re not saying that students will love this option, but you can save a lot of money if you’re not paying for a monthly data plan.

– Don’t Get a TV! – Today’s college students don’t need a dedicated TV, they need a multi-tasker. Get a large computer monitor with either DVI or S-Video and HDMI ports that can give them more workspace on their laptop and plug-into their Blu-ray player, gaming console, or other media device.

– Save Money With an E-Reader –  Once you get past the initial expense of an e-reader, your student will be able to buy books at a cheaper price than they’ll find on the shelves. Amazon recently announced they’ll be renting textbooks as well; another money-saving reason to get an e-reader.

– You Don’t Need a MacBook Air! – Retrevo’s compiled a list below, of laptops that are more budget-friendly.

– Minimum Laptop Requirements – Retrevo recommends something with a webcam, 6hrs+ battery life, 250GB minimum of storage, a weight of less than 5lbs and a Dual Core i3 or i5.

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