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24 Things You Can Do With Social Media to Help Get Into College

Put Your Best Self Forward Online

The research is clear that students can greatly improve their SAT scores by studying the SAT and getting instruction before they take it.  And there is a whole cottage industry of companies that offer SAT preparation help—courses, books, tutoring and online assistance. But many of these services can be quite costly and if you are not careful in your planning and research, your SAT preparation could turn out to be quite a large investment.

Review of SAT prep books-Click HERE.

Review of SAT prep courses- Click HERE.

The best news of all is you should not let the prohibitive cost of some of these courses and materials stop you from getting meaningful SAT preparation. You have options.  Los Angeles area students are fortunate to have an excellent resource and a wonderful SAT preparation option in the FREE SAT Prep Workshop offered by the dedicated folks at Each One Teach One  Alliance for Academic Access, Achievement and Success. This organization’s mission is to

work with inner-city youth through a number of community collaborations, to improve their academic performance in mathematics, science and technology, in order to insure higher levels of Access, Achievement and Success in the most prestigious colleges and universities throughout our country.

And one of the stellar programs they offer in furtherance of this mission is their Free SAT Prep Workshop. This workshop offers professional tutoring for students who “aspire to meet the competitive challenges of the 21st Century and beyond.”

So if you are a student in the L.A. area and are in need of SAT prep help, click HERE for details.

If you are interested in helping Each One Teach One meet their mission for the inner city students of Southern California, you can make a donation HERE .

You can also find  Free Sat Prep Workshop on Facebook, HERE.

And Each One Teach One’s Facebook page is HERE.

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