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24 Things You Can Do With Social Media to Help Get Into College

Put Your Best Self Forward Online

Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook Founder (photo:Jean Federic/WikiCommons))

I am checking out a friend’s Facebook profile page to see what’s up with her and I notice that her page has a snappy new appearance. It’ s got a new format that  shows a film strip of her recent photos at the top and several differentiated lists of friends along the side. The top of her page, under her picture, is a line that shows her current employment info, where she studied and where she lives.

In all, it is very cool looking and more informative at a glance. I click back to my own page to see if I, too, have the changes. But, alas, it was the same old format. So I am thinking that she probably got a special app. And as I searched around the ‘Net for such an app, I come across the announcement from Facebook founder, Mark Zuckerberg , during a 60 Minutes  interview that, in fact, a new profile page had been launched today! You have to have more than 500 friends to see the change on your page anytime soon…but for us friend-collecting slackers ( I only have 286 Friends), the change will be coming our way shortly.

Click HERE for details!

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